Not so much back with the programme as redefining the programme....

I know it's been a while since I've done a proper post, but I haven't packed in this lifting-heavy-stuff, moving-about-more shizzle, but I have had to modify what I do to ensure that I can keep doing it.

As mentioned before, I have several injuries of the not-really-going-to-get-much-better type. They play up from time to time, and what I do is try to rest up, get better and...generally get squirrelly because I've worked hard for a while, and everything has been working...and then I have to stop. I've worked out that on an average non-pregnant, non-falling-down-a-hole year, I'll still lose up to 3 months to aches and pains of some description which does tend to bugger the schedule somewhat. After all, I have to force myself to be careful, otherwise I start listening to gung-ho me and that's when it really starts to hurt.

I didn't write up while I was doing all this ruminating, basically because "went for a walk and ate a salad" isn't very exciting. In fact I almost went to sleep typing that sentence, however it's all been to the greater good. I have been boring the ears off my other half, but that's a whole other story.

I think I might have found the way forward, especially where the strength training is concerned...

1. Limit myself to two sessions of weights a week, with one "big" session at the weekend and one smaller session in the week. Recovery time and all that.
2. Lots of walks whenever the rain gods decide not to try and wash this bit of Northumberland away. Short but lively. Also an apt description of me on a good day.
3. One full no exercise day per week.
4. Vibroplate/Powerplate once a week to shake out the aches and pains. 10 minutes, Jobs a good 'un.
5. Eat more bloody protein.

5 is proving interesting...I've been tracking with MyFitnessPal and realised I was a bit low. I wasn't even hitting their minimum, never mind the 0.5 - 0.75 per pound of body weight calculation for someone with my activity levels. Let's see how that one I am at least 20% Cottage Cheese and 7-8% broad bean with some beef thrown in for good measure. Though I have discovered that Hazelnut butter on a Digestive biscuit is the dogs' danglies. This low protein carry on could explain the long recoveries and occasional wet spaghetti arm problem....

I also discovered that I was really quite allergic to something I was eating all the time (and with 20/20 hindsight, now realise has been making me poorly for years. Now I feel quite well. Weird, huh?

I know the results will be slow this way, but I actually can't be crazy, all the empirical evidence says "Ouch" and who am I to disagree?

*also I managed to make a 220g Bag of Haribo last a week. I'm practically the Zen Master of Jelly Sweet Refusal.

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