After day 1 of the 30 day Plank and Arm challenges

So how am I today?

I got a walk in yesterday at a nice pace and not too many aches and pains. I did notice as I kicked off that there were new and unusual  sensations deep in my glutes that I haven't felt for a while, but that might be down to the Mountaineers. (Edit: Mountain Climbers! I am a clueless nurk!)

One thing I would like to know is, does 1 leg count as one Mountaineer or does doing the exercise with both legs count as one. It would be bloody typical if I was doing too many and inadvertently ended up knackering myself in the process. Sometimes the various pieces of me that hurt are a strong argument for sloth.

Abs and core are tighter but not weeping, triceps are twinge-y but ok and nothing unpleasant to report, though let's see what happens tomorrow, after a repeat performance...

30 day challenges

I'm giving the 30 day plank challenge and the 30 day arm challenge a shot. This is alongside the walking. I've bought the app and I'm ready to shufty.

The reason I'm going back to basics and body weight exercises....well, basically my back keeps saying no and I think this may be a good way of fettling my core once and for all. I'm also not fond of my arms and any additional strength that I can get into them, especially as the little fella seems to have grown a lot lately, the better. (He's two, sometimes situations can get a bit "Judo" to stop him from doing things that are immediately injurious to his health!).

I do intend to return to the weights, it's just I can't help thinking that trying solely body weight exercises, then moving back onto the weights might be the way forward. Ultimately this is all trial and error. I don't mind the trial, but does there have to be so much error?

Also do you think I can walk 25 miles by the 31st this space!

Back with a sensibly paced and measured minor explosion...

In preference to a bang as I'd probably put my back out! In fact I have, so it's measured walking again, hey ho, that's how my fitness life goes. Rest, baths, Diclofenac,common sense, and I'll be back with the programme soon enough.

That said, it's been a funny old year, not least because I've been dealing with a health problem for some time that effectively scuppered my exercise plans, drained all my energy and put me in a funny old frame of mind.

If you've read this blog before, you'll know that I started another one called "Barley Free Living". Well, as it turns out, I'm actually gluten intolerant and it appears that that's been at the root of the IBS I've suffered from since 1996. Mercifully, I'm not Coeliac, for which I am very, very grateful.

When the barley problem really started to cause me a problem, (Allergic reaction - how wonderful) OH persuaded me that it might be a good idea if I consulted my GP to get some guidance, and to get checked out. As an experiment (and to eliminate the chance of cross contamination which actually caught me out once or twice) I went GF for a while. It was great. A number of grisly symptoms gone in a couple of days and the headaches and brain fog I'd had since my son was born (and before if I'm honest) went too.

What wasn't so great was the dietician that I'd been referred to suggested that I have an initial Coeliac disease test and that I have to start eating gluten containing foods again in order to the appropriate antibodies to appear in my blood stream. This involved actually eating more gluten containing foods than I had previously been eating.

Gluten "rechallenging" (A mimsy term if ever I've heard one) is rank. If I had blogged about it, you, dear reader, would have had to endure 6 weeks of me whinging about the parlous state of my hoop, gassy gurgling like a lava lamp with a major flatulence problem (for the Whovians amongst you, the Slytheen are a good reference point) and with a permanent headache. It's actually a good thing I was utterly devoid of any mental spring or energy, because no-one would ever read anything I've written ever again, so mired in self-pity was I. Never again. Gluten-free may be a major inconvenience (and I'm slightly bemused by people solely doing this as a lifestyle choice - one for people with more time on their hands than I have I suspect) but at least, I don't feel like I'm on the verge of bursting anymore. Literally.

Reader, you've had a lucky escape!