After day 1 of the 30 day Plank and Arm challenges

So how am I today?

I got a walk in yesterday at a nice pace and not too many aches and pains. I did notice as I kicked off that there were new and unusual  sensations deep in my glutes that I haven't felt for a while, but that might be down to the Mountaineers. (Edit: Mountain Climbers! I am a clueless nurk!)

One thing I would like to know is, does 1 leg count as one Mountaineer or does doing the exercise with both legs count as one. It would be bloody typical if I was doing too many and inadvertently ended up knackering myself in the process. Sometimes the various pieces of me that hurt are a strong argument for sloth.

Abs and core are tighter but not weeping, triceps are twinge-y but ok and nothing unpleasant to report, though let's see what happens tomorrow, after a repeat performance...

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