30 day challenges

I'm giving the 30 day plank challenge and the 30 day arm challenge a shot. This is alongside the walking. I've bought the app and I'm ready to shufty.

The reason I'm going back to basics and body weight exercises....well, basically my back keeps saying no and I think this may be a good way of fettling my core once and for all. I'm also not fond of my arms and any additional strength that I can get into them, especially as the little fella seems to have grown a lot lately, the better. (He's two, sometimes situations can get a bit "Judo" to stop him from doing things that are immediately injurious to his health!).

I do intend to return to the weights, it's just I can't help thinking that trying solely body weight exercises, then moving back onto the weights might be the way forward. Ultimately this is all trial and error. I don't mind the trial, but does there have to be so much error?

Also do you think I can walk 25 miles by the 31st January...watch this space!

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