10th July 2013 - The first rest/recovery day

I knew there was a reason why I called this blog 40 Ouch.

Every part of me bar one is pleasantly fatigued. You know, when your muscles tell you that you've done good work but it's not actual "pain". That feeling is nice.

That regrettably is not the feeling that I currently have in my core.  There is no spasming or any of that sort of thing so I know I'm not injured. However what I do have is a lot of scar tissue from a c-section 18 months ago. To cut a long story short, (pardon the pun), I was immobile in pregnancy, had an emergency section and had a long recovery so I suspect that the pretty gnarly core ache that I'm suffering from is something to do with that, as I've not really had the ability to get active enough to break it down. Suffice it to say, it knacks. A lot.

It hurts even more when playing with the former inhabitant of my abdomen on the floor. (I know, school girl error, getting down on the floor in the first place). There's nothing like lying there, terrified to clench your muscles because you know it's going to hurt, while a happy but dementedly determined toddler lurches towards your head wielding a wooden bee on a string like a mace...

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