13th July 2013 - So let's play catch up...

Right. Now I feel human again, I can get back with the programme. In this case, literally.

First off, Thursday's Workout and How I Fared....

(For info, I've communicated with Nia and she's happy for me to detail the workouts as long as I give credit and that is what I shall do) :)

There's a bit of tweaking (not in a Breaking Bad sense) involved as my home kit involves dumb bells, myself and the furniture. Also the pretty epic abdominal soreness (Let's just say CATS). When the "summer cold that ate Manhattan" has gone, I'm going to go to my gym and get someone to show me around the scary kit that the big lads use, but for now, I'll stick with the kit I have to hand.

The Ab wheel roll out was a bust because I don't have an ab wheel, and besides, trying to do anything requiring that degree of core resilience probably would have made me cry. It was actually that bad, I'm relatively fit but strong core work on top of a slow recovery from a birth, and a slipped disc is something I approach *very* gingerly. I still did a lot of very small ab curls but thought it best not to get too hard core too early. I checked myself before I wrecked myself, so to speak.

In place of the Suspended Push-up/Press-up, I did a sort of 45 degree-ish one on the edge of the sofa. This went okay, but I kept losing count so I probably did about 40 push-ups all in. Arms are surprisingly not giving me much gip so I can't complain :)

Similar with the suspended inverted row, did some lying down dumbbell lifts.

The lunges were great, apart from the next morning when walking down the stairs for the first time was initially "problematic". This whole programme is *really* working for me already.

I am so pleased that I've proved to myself that this is doable, that I'm not as unfit, weak or pained as I thought, and to be honest, I'm finding it very freeing. With guidance, and the application of a bit of thought, I'm getting to define how I go about improving my fitness, without slavishly attempting to follow a defined "system". Too many years of falling off the wagon with overly restrictive or boring programmes of eating and exercise.

I did grant myself another "rest day" today, but that's because I did a charity walk for St Oswald's Hospice this morning, which was 4.5 miles over lightly undulating terrain in 28 degree C heat, pushing about 40lbs of child and associated clobber in a pushchair for an hour and a half. I also have weird sunburn...So not exactly sitting on the sofa eating pizza all day....

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