14th July 2013 - More rest...and some words on "Virtue"...

Husband gave me the "Give yourself a break today or you'll break yourself"pep talk today. To be honest, though I'm clawing to crack on, this was a very good idea. It's averaging 28-29 degrees C at the moment, and this thing that is definitely a cold (my sooper dooper hay fever drugs make not a bit of difference) isn't going anywhere, so best to play the long game.

This competes with the part of my brain that is telling me to "go on, work out, not doing it makes you lazy" which is the internal narrative that I've been arguing with for years.

The thing is, fad diets and trendy new exercise regimes, create a mind set where you think to yourself " this is the mother lode, the eternal cure, the solution to my *fat* ass, squiggly middle" and your failure to adhere to it is you being weak. It all boils down to the concept of virtue, which is quite frankly, tripe.

Doing a lot of exercise doesn't make you a better person, it just makes you a person who does a lot of exercise...simple. Avoiding gluten and sugar won't do it either. Do what feels right...for you...and avoid the charlatans...

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