9th July 2013 - And so it begins....

Due to the age old adage that there's never a truly good time to start anything, I've chosen today to start my foray into lifting heavy things on a regular basis to get strong, but it's got to be said I pick my times. Because....I have a low level throat infection and I was out for a curry with a group of friends last night, because one of our number was over from Australia and we don't get to see her all that often. So just ideal. *cough*.

Anyhow I'm pleased to say that I've successfully completed my version of the first of the three workouts and it doesn't feel all that bad, and I don't feel I acquitted myself too badly. I've had to adapt things a little due to equipment and physical limitations but I'm operating on the assumption that, as long as I'm working the right muscle groups and working with a decent and tiring amount of resistance and/or weight (as appropriate) I'm doing something right.

As previously stated, I'm not going to use specifics because that would infringe on Nia's copyright, but if you are interested in the Beautiful Badass free mini course, you can sign up for it here at Nia Shanks website.

Happily the squats didn't kill me (though I had to have my dumbbells at hip height to prevent pulling in the lower back).

Now plank. I managed about 30 seconds per set, which from what I've been reading isn't anything to be sneezed at, and if the way my lower core felt afterwards is anything to go by, I will be able to sneeze with complete confidence for the foreseeable future. I was also curious about what I could do so I tried push ups/press ups. That didn't go well, as I'm not currently strong enough to do them properly, so I'll just have to work on knee push up/press ups for the time being.

No injuries, didn't fall over or make a fool of myself. All good.

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