30th July 2013 - Gym day...feeling quite badass

As opposed to just bad.

I was at the gym today so wandered off piste a bit with the Beautiful Badass stuff...however bits of me were worked, I moved some heavy stuff and, despite the fact that I'm still barking like a consumptive seal, the cardio did not kill me. I am feeling incrementally better though, so all good in the end.

Today's workout details:

30 Mins Recumbent Bike
So far, so sweaty, like a sweaty woman from Sweatoville.

10 Reps Leg Raises
Fair to say, I've still a way to go with the old "slice and diced" lower abdominals. I tried for 12 but by the 10th one there was trembling. And now there is light hurting.

3x5 plus 1x12 Tricep Extensions - 80 (lbs - I think)
Quite chuffed with this as I could manage far heavier than I'd anticipated. Limbs still feeling ok, so hopefully I won't be typing this blog with my toes tomorrow.

3x5 plus 1x12 Leg Press - 90 (lbs - I think)
Slightly grumpy knee did not protest so I've got to be getting stronger (Thank you squats).

3x5 plus 1x12 Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curls - 8 (lbs - I think)
I must admit one of the downsides of doing this when I'm overweight is that when you're looking in the mirror to check that your form is right, it's all to easy to fall prey to the thoughts of "Oh joy, physically I'm a dead ringer for the Anti-Aircraft Battery at Blyth Beach". I think they've got a picture of me in the dictionary with the definition of the word "Sturdy" underneath it.  Then again it's not exactly like my skeleton can go on a diet. Hey ho.

3x5 plus 1x12 Seated Row - 60 (lbs - I think)
Must keep up the back work to balance up the ab stuff.

15 mins walking on treadmill at 3.5 mph.

I've also decided to set my calorie allowance at 1800, because while I do want to lose weight, I'm going to be better off in the long term ensuring that I'm giving my body enough of the right things to heal. Plus at least this way I won't be hungry (even 1600 doesn't feel enough - no wonder on that popular-weight-loss programme-that-shall-remain nameless, I was going around the bend, and I was trying to run on it too. Oh, the benefits of hindsight). Healing has to take precedence because for a start, because of the back problem, I'm already working at a disadvantage. Plus it's better for the family and me if I don't get hurt or poorly....18 month olds don't go round lifting themselves into bed after all...

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